Weather Junkie or the addiction to the “ride” conditions

I’m in the train to Geneva airport. God if he exists knows how much I like riding this train. The view on the Leman’s Lake is just breath taking. I usually take the time of this trip to reminisce on the rides I shred in the mountains.

I just spent sometimes in Verbier with friends and it was so good. A part of me feels that I belong to those mountains. The other seems to differ and  that I’m a kid of the ocean. In any case I feel the most at peace in or on both of them.

So yeah weather junkie? Indeed for those who know me it is certain that junkie and I don’t mix. But… The first time this idea took shape in my head was years ago. When my snowboard mentor (he looked like yoda wearing red), told me stories about riders going into depression in Chamonix because there was no fresh powder. They were walking trough the resort with no smile on their face and no joy in their hearts…

My brain stored that info and went on with other things. Then this year I was in Bali and a close friend of mine who came to visit asked me the following question: “Do you feel that you are addicted to surfing? ”. She meant it the way that if I don’t surf for a certain a time I would be in less of a good mood. Again my brain stored the info and continued.

Then I arrived in Verbier to realise that the snow conditions were less than fullfiling to say the least. Of course we always manage to go down on icy rocky slope but this is less of a joy than to do a massive spray in the deep fresh powder. This year my sixth sense told me to stay 3 more days than the rest and boy was he right…

70 cm were delivered in 2 nights and it felt so good just to imagine the trace I would draw the next morning. Indeed my first turn in the deep snow sprayed the biggest smile on my face.

So yeah I have to admit it I’m a weather junkie. I will check the snow or wave forecasts several times a day on my phone. The sight of a snowflake will make me smile like a kid and the view of perfect waves unfolding while I’m waxing my board will recharge the sparks in my eyes for days.

This post is dedicated to all my riding bros with which I shared unforgetable sessions… You know who you all are!

See you soon in the world!

Sail away, blow the candles of your new life and get rich on life experiences…


Hey dear reader,

It has been a while… Yeah I do agree it is entirely my fault and most surely it wasn’t cuz my life was less interesting… I recently blow the first candle of my new life. YES! It has already been one year that I’m living my new adventures. That I quit my corporate life for a different more savory path.

Am I happier? You bet I’m. I accomplished way more stuff on my bucket list in one year than during the ten years before that. What are they? You want know? I know you do ;)… You are curious, normal it is human nature. So here they are: did my first painting exhibit, tube my first wave, learnt Indonesian, surfed Kirra point, started my own surf brand, surf everyday…


I guess your next question would be the following: Are you making money? Well I’m no Rockefeller yet, I’m not sure I wanna be anyway. But strangely enough, altogether I’m above sustainable for the last 4 months. How come? Well I have seized a lot of different opportunities. You need to be aware that those opportunities will present themselves in weird ways or at least in their own ways. Reading the book “luck factor” could help you spot them.

My examples are:

I started my board business cuz a friend of mine wanted his own custom board. Since then we already sold 11 boards and counting. The shaper and I are trying different and crazy things that aren’t out there yet. It feels good to create stuff really good.

I started using Illustrator a few months ago because an awesome someone told me: “Dude you should use that, with your art skills, you could rock it”. I’m still not sure I have art skills but truth to be told a surf brand is now using a logo I designed for their boards line.

Ok enough talking about me! My true goal with this post is to let you know that you have everything in you to change things what ever and how ever you want them to be. You have way more skills than you fing think you do. You are way more resourceful than you think you are. Don’t let your inner bad Mantra talk you down. Yes you know that little voice telling you: “But what happened if?” Well maybe you will fail but I think what scare you the most is to actually succeed…

See you soon in the world…


The Star Sailor


Hello Peeps,

This is the last stub that came out of our shape room. We produced 2 and I kept one for myself in 6’0; 20 1/2; 2 3/4 and it is the bomb. It is such a different ride than your usual surfboard. All the buoyancy is located under your chest this means that the board paddle as fast as a lizards run on a grill.

Which is either great if your level is intermediate or if the waves are small. BUT the pin tail lets you do radical turns.

A must try…

The board is made of :

  • Bamboo deck => reduces the pressure dings to almost nothing.
  • Carbon rails.
  • Epoxy resin.
  • 5 FCS inserts.

We also do custom boards so if you want an early XMAS gift contact us.


The forgotten Mermaid

This board is a Shortboard that keeps some kick under your chest.

Size 6′ 20 1/2″ 2 5/8″ diamond tail 35.0 L

Yes 35 liters meaning fast paddle with the punch of a shortboard.


Free the Indian

Handshaped in Bali, epoxy board with Bamboo deck to avoid pressure dings.

Quotes: 6’0 20 12 2 3/4, 36 liters,

It is such a good and fun ride. Fast to paddle with, generates a lot of speed. Awesome all-rounder.

BUT SOLD. Be prepared for the next boards coming up soon.hypto